Sandblasting Equipment and Supplies

ParaBlaster System
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The ParaBlaster - Professional Micro Sandblasting System for blasting Glass,...
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ParaBlaster-Paramask Kit
Everything you need for developing picture-perfect images ready to blast with...
ParaBlaster-Exposure Unit Only
Letra-Lite Exposure unit for producing professional, ready to blast, patterns.
ParaBlaster-220 Silicone Carbide Sand (55lbs)
55 pound bag of 220 Silicon Carbide for use in the ParaBlaster System. Price...
Desiccant Filter
An excellent way to eliminate moisture from your ParaBlaster System Media.
Pinch Cylinder Assembly (1 inch)
Pinch Cylinder Assembly (1 inch diameter) for The ParaBlaster Micro...
ParaBlaster-Gold Nozzle-High Performance
High Performance blasting tip for the ParaBlaster System.
ParaBlaster-Replacement Glass w/Hinge
Replacement glass face with hinge for the ParaBlaster System Cabinet.
Black Nozzle
Repair Kit for ParaBlaster
Quick Repair Kit for The ParaBlaster. Includes all the "wearable" parts from...
ParaBlaster-Sprayer with Hose
Five Foot Hose with High-Pressure Spray Nozzle for easy Resist Film Washout....
ParaBlaster-Replacement Glass w/o Hinge
Replacement glass face for the ParaBlaster System Cabinet.
ParaBlaster-Spray Board
White over-sized clip board designed to hold a full sheet of resist for easy...
ParaBlaster-220 Silicon Carbide (5lb. container)
5 pound container of 220 grit Silicon Carbide Sand for use in The ParaBlaster...
ParaBlaster-Gold Nozzle-Standard
Gold Nozzle used on the ParaBlaster System