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Micro Sandblasting Glass Small Sandblasting System
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The ParaBlaster is designed to provide you with the ability to sandblast incredible detail into glass, rock, tile, stone or any other non-porous surface. It is similar to what a traditional sandblaster, only everything is on a much smaller scale. With our precision handpiece, you are in complete control of where the sand goes. The ParaBlaster is great for sandblasting all kinds of glass projects including glass awards, christmas ornaments, glass plates, wedding stemware, goblets, and much more.

Metal is a breeze to put a design on. Try it on wedding cake servers, knives, guns and more. The possibilities are endless.

With our Pattern Transfer Process, you can transfer any black and white image onto any surface. No drawing required. Simply process the image using our ultra violet light stencil process, put the pattern onto the surface to be blasted, then blast right over the pattern. Next, remove the pattern and there it is. It’s very easy to be producing professional results in very little time. Multiple projects are a breeze too!

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With The ParaBlaster, you will experience the very easy use of our micro-sandblasting handpiece. Because the unit is so small, it will allow you do produce intricate artwork and lettering with great control.

The ParaBlaster will allow you to duplicate orders or produce high quantity orders very quickly.


The ParaBlaster includes everything you will need to produce professional quality items.

All you provide is the compressor. We recommend using a tank type compressor to reduce moisture, however, we have had some success using tankless compressors also. You will need a minumum of 100 psi as far as pressure goes and you will need at least 4 cfm at 40psi in air volume. Please look at your compressor details to make sure it meets these requirements (most compressor pump more than this with ease – this is not very much.)

*Please note: The systems are custom built upon purchase. Please expect approximately 2-3 weeks for order to be shipped.

Please call us at 1 800 624-7415 if you need additional assistance.

The ParaBlaster System includes the following:

  • Pressure Pot Assembly This light-weight chamber holds up to five pounds of blasting media. This chamber is conveniently mounted on a sturdy plastic stand.  A Filter/Regulator is also included on the stand to filter out debris and moisture created by compressors. Air Pressure is adjusted easily by the regulator. Simply fill the pressure pot with sand, connect air hose from compressor and you’re ready to start blasting.
  • Custom Molded Blasting Cabinet Included with your Parablaster System is this sealed, heavy duty, ABS plastic, sandblasting cabinet. This makes it very easy to re-use your sand and contain the usual mess associated with sandblasters. A large tempered glass window allows for easy view while blasting. Included with this cabinet is a dust removal system. Simply connect to the port on the side of the cabinet, run the hose out a window or into another container and plug it in. This creates just enough air flow out of the cabinet so no dust forms in your blasting view.
  • Tungsten Carbide Blasting Tips (2) Two ultra tough, “easy on-easy off” sandblasting tips. These replaceable sandblasting tips direct a very small stream of sand directly onto the blasting surface, making it easy not to over-spray what you do not want to blast.
  • Blasting Media - you will receive ten pounds of 220 Silicone Carbide blasting Media. The Parablaster has been specifically designed to work with this media. It is fine enough for the most intricate work, yet hard enough to blast stone.
  • Instruction Manual with Artwork - Complete written instructions on how to get professional results from your Parablaster. Also included is over 250 photo ready pieces of artwork for you to get started with.
  • Instructional Training DVD’s (5) This is the most comprehensive compilation of Micro Sandblasting DVD’s ever produced. Set of five DVD’s include Setting up your ParaBlaster System, Basic techniques and troubleshooting, Advanced techniques, and Micro Sandblasting project how to’s. You will also receive a fifth dvd which will show you how to set up your vent system, be it the standard system or the Deluxe Razairre System. These instructional DVD’s cover everything from artwork preparation to developing resist, to finishing a project. These will prove to be invaluable tools to refer back to in your different sandblasting projects. Our full-time staff is also available to answer questions and provide assistance.
  • Carrying Case - for keeping all of your sandblasting supplies together when not in use.
  • ParaBlaster Paper - Resist Film (10 Sheets) This is ten sheets of light sensitive blasting film for use in the Ultra Violet Exposure Unit. These sheets measure 10″ X 12″. Using the Resist Adhesive, you will be able to adhere these sheets directly to the item you are blasting. Our Parablaster System is designed to sandblast the washed out areas of the resist film without going through the un washed area. The end result is a Professional Product without any artistic ability needed.
  • Ultra Violet Exposure Unit This unit uses Ultra-Violet light to easily transfer your artwork onto blastable resist film. Simply place your artwork along with a sheet of resist into the exposure unit, turn on for desired amount of time, remove resist film, wash out resist film and let dry. When the resist film dries, you will have a pattern ready to blast. No more cutting out patterns by hand. This is the tool that will give you the edge in the marketplace. You will be able to easily produce professional results with much more detail than others who cut out patterns by hand.
  • ParaBlaster Adhesive Six Ounces of blastable adhesive to easily adhere resist film to almost any surface.
  • Sprayer Hose Simply connect this hose to any sink faucet and use it to wash out your resist film. This sprayer provides a steady, even pattern of water allowing you to wash out resist without losing any detail. You will be able to produce detail that is just not possible using other methods.
  • Compressor Hose with Fittings One compressor hose from a single source compressor will quickly adapt to all of our systems.
  • Included with your Parablaster System is all the necessary Hoses and Fittings to connect to any adequate compressor.
  • Everything Else you Need - We also include all the Extras – so there is no running around required on your part. Some of these items include a Ruler, Scissors, Masking Tape, Glass Scraper, sharpie marker, small dust pan with broom, squeegee and sand sifter.
  • See How Easy it is, we have several ParaBlaster Demonstration Videos on this page - CLICK HERE.


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