Dust Collection

Dust Collection and Containment

Deluxe Dust Collection System
Product ID : DC3000D
Complete Razaire Dust Collection System (Z530) combined with Profitable...
Z530 Dust Collection System
Hot Deal
Product ID : Z530
The Razaire 530 is the smallest, quietest, most powerful and versatile...
4" Hose Adaptor for Razairre Dust System
Product ID : ZA400
The 4 inch Inlet Hose Adapter allows attachment of other accessories...
Lap Tray for Razaire 530
Product ID : PH440ZA
Tray for Carving right in your lap while controlling dust and debris....
80% Filter
Product ID : ZF28
High efficiency air fitler (80%) for the Razertip Dust Collection System.
60% Filter
Product ID : ZF26
Medium 60% efficient (orange) filter
30% Filter for Razaire Unit
Product ID : ZF20
30% air filter for the Razaire Dust Collector - This is the standard filter...
Filter Frame
Product ID : ZH1002
Filter Frame 2" for Razaire 530