Dust Collection

Dust Collection and Containment

Deluxe Dust Collection System
Complete Razaire Dust Collection System (Z530) combined with Profitable...
Lap Tray for Razaire 530
Tray for Carving right in your lap while controlling dust and debris....
Z530 Dust Collection System
Hot Deal
The Razaire 530 is the smallest, quietest, most powerful and versatile...
4" Hose Adaptor for Razairre Dust System
The 4 inch Inlet Hose Adapter allows attachment of other accessories...
30% Filter for Razaire Unit
30% air filter for the Razaire Dust Collector - This is the standard filter...
60% Filter
Medium 60% efficient (orange) filter
80% Filter
High efficiency air fitler (80%) for the Razertip Dust Collection System.
Filter Frame
Filter Frame 2" for Razaire 530