WARA - Sculpting and Carving

Horse Body Sculpting Kit
Product ID : HBSK012
Full Horse Body Study Cast
Product ID : FHHC012
"The Call" A Gunstock Carving & Tinting Tutorial
Product ID : CR2015D
Kit includes: 2 DVD's with complete training, study cast and the artwork design.
Equine Skull Scultping Kit
Product ID : ESSK012
Human Skull Sculpting Kit
Product ID : HSSK012
Jeff Wolf Equine Skull Study Cast
Product ID : JW3010ES
Actual Study cast of an Equine Skull modeled in clay by world renowned bronze...
Mule Deer Pattern Relief Sculpting Kit
Product ID : MDSC012
Equine Skull Study Cast
Product ID : ESSC012
Human Head Study Cast
Product ID : HHSC012
Sculpting The Horse Body
Product ID : SHB012
Sculpting the Human Head
Product ID : SHH012
Horse Body Armature
Product ID : SA012
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