Sandblasting Equipment and Supplies

ParaBlaster-Paramask Kit
Product ID : PM100
Everything you need for developing picture-perfect images ready to blast with...
ParaBlaster-Exposure Unit Only
Product ID : 8796
Letra-Lite Exposure unit for producing professional, ready to blast, patterns.
ParaBlaster-220 Silicone Carbide Sand (55lbs)
Product ID : S1067SC
55 pound bag of 220 Silicon Carbide for use in the ParaBlaster System. Price...
Desiccant Filter
Product ID : DF100
An excellent way to eliminate moisture from your ParaBlaster System Media.
Pinch Cylinder Assembly (1 inch)
Product ID : PC101
Pinch Cylinder Assembly (1 inch diameter) for The ParaBlaster Micro...
ParaBlaster-Gold Nozzle-High Performance
Product ID : MB1520-46
High Performance blasting tip for the ParaBlaster System.
ParaBlaster-Replacement Glass w/Hinge
Product ID : S5603GH
Replacement glass face with hinge for the ParaBlaster System Cabinet.
Black Nozzle
Product ID : mb1500-23
Repair Kit for ParaBlaster
Product ID : PB4000
Quick Repair Kit for The ParaBlaster. Includes all the "wearable" parts from...
ParaBlaster-Sprayer with Hose
Product ID : SH2000
Five Foot Hose with High-Pressure Spray Nozzle for easy Resist Film Washout....
ParaBlaster-Replacement Glass w/o Hinge
Product ID : tempglass
Replacement glass face for the ParaBlaster System Cabinet.
ParaBlaster-Spray Board
Product ID : S5215ST
White over-sized clip board designed to hold a full sheet of resist for easy...
ParaBlaster-220 Silicon Carbide (5lb. container)
Product ID : S1066SC
5 pound container of 220 grit Silicon Carbide Sand for use in The ParaBlaster...
ParaBlaster-Gold Nozzle-Standard
Product ID : MB1500-29
Gold Nozzle used on the ParaBlaster System
ParaBlaster-Handpiece Back
Product ID : S5200HB
Replacement back for ParaBlaster Handpiece.