Sandblasting Equipment and Supplies

Black Nozzle
ParaBlaster Adhesive
6 ounce Bottle of Adhesive for ParaBlaster system
ParaBlaster Tubing
5' Length of ParaBlaster Tubing. This is the tubing that carries sand media...
ParaBlaster-220 Silicon Carbide (5lb. container)
5 pound container of 220 grit Silicon Carbide Sand for use in The ParaBlaster...
ParaBlaster-220 Silicone Carbide Sand (55lbs)
55 pound bag of 220 Silicon Carbide for use in the ParaBlaster System. Price...
ParaBlaster-Black Hose (5 Feet)
5 foot long black hose for ParaBlaster.
ParaBlaster-Exposure Unit Only
Letra-Lite Exposure unit for producing professional, ready to blast, patterns.
ParaBlaster-Gold Nozzle-High Performance
High Performance blasting tip for the ParaBlaster System.
ParaBlaster-Gold Nozzle-Standard
Gold Nozzle used on the ParaBlaster System
ParaBlaster-Handpiece Back
Replacement back for ParaBlaster Handpiece.
ParaBlaster-Handpiece Front
Replacement Front for ParaBlaster handpiece.
ParaBlaster-Replacement Black Light Bulb
Replacement Light bulb for Paramask Kit Exposure Unit. 18" Tube Blacklight.
ParaBlaster-Replacement Glass w/Hinge
Replacement glass face with hinge for the ParaBlaster System Cabinet.
ParaBlaster-Replacement Glass w/o Hinge
Replacement glass face for the ParaBlaster System Cabinet.
ParaBlaster-Sand Sifter Screen
Screen for Sifting sand to remove debris for use in the ParaBlaster System.