Pinch Cylinder Assembly (1 inch)

Pinch Cylinder Assembly for Turning Sand on and off on the ParaBlaster Sandblasting System
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Price: $109.95
Product ID : PC101



This Pinch Cylinder Assembly is how the sand is turned on and off on The ParaBlaster Sandblasting System.

This 1 inch diameter design produces more force with less air than the standard 3/4 diameter setup. This means your sandblasting system can be operated with a smaller compressor and will continue to shut on and off instantly with less air pressure over longer periods of time.

If you are replacing your existing pinch cylinder setup, you do not need to remove the old block, simply screw this new assembly in place next to it or anywhere on the stand.

This set up is completely replaceable - it is designed to be screwed onto the pressure pot stand in any location you choose.

Includes Pinch Cylinder, Block, Quick Connect Fitting and Mounting Screws.

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