Replacement Parts

Turbo 300 Turbine
Product ID : 7200904
Replacement Turbine for the Turbo 300 Handpiece
Turbo 300 Backup Turbine
Product ID : TT200F
Spare Turbine for the Turbo 300 High Speed Handpiece. This spare turbine is...
NSK Presto - Replacement Turbine
Product ID : T815016
Replacement Turbine for the NSK Presto Oil Less Handpiece.
ParaBlaster System Refresh
Product ID : PB2055R
Complete inspection and replacement (if necessary) of all internal parts in...
Turbo 300-Turbine Rebuild
Product ID : REB100
We will completely rebuild your original Turbo 300 Turbine.
NSK Presto Turbine Rebuild
Product ID : Reb200
NSK Presto Turbine Rebuild. Includes cleaning, new bearings, new o-rings, new...
Turbo 300 Complete Turbine Shaft
Product ID : 7200545
Replacement Shaft for Turbo 300 High Speed Handpiece.
NSK 1/8" Chuck
Product ID : K003-178L
This chuck will allow you to use all 1/8" burs in your NSK Electric Engraving...
Auto lubricator
Product ID : L07100MPAA
Turbo 300 Collet (replacement)
Product ID : 7200506
Replacement Collet for Turbo 300 Handpiece.
Turbo 300 Rotor Replacement
Product ID : 72005548
Replacement Rotor for Turbo 300 High Speed Handpiece Turbine Repair.
1/16" Chuck for NSK Presto Handpiece
Product ID : K003-183L
Replacement Chuck for the NSK Presto Handpiece. Sometimes known as a collet.
Replacement Chuck for Lab Z Air
Product ID : SF522
Replacement Chuck (Collet) for Shofu Lab Z Air Oil Free Turbine
Repair Kit for ParaBlaster
Product ID : PB4000
Quick Repair Kit for The ParaBlaster. Includes all the "wearable" parts from...
Turbo 300 - Turbine Housing
Product ID : 7200500
Replacement Housing for Turbo 300 High Speed Turbine
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