Replacement Parts

Pinch Cylinder Replacement Tip
Replacement tip for the pinch cylinder on the ParaBlaster.
Turbo 300 O-ring for Turbine Housing
Replacement O-Ring for Turbo 300 Housing.
Turbo 300 Wavy Washer
Wavy Washer for Turbo 300 handpiece.
Turbo 300 Front Bearing Protector
Replacement front bearing protector for Turbo 300 High Speed Handpiece...
NSK Presto Cartridge Wrench
Cartridge Wrench for NSK Oil Less Handpiece.
ParaBlaster Tubing
5' Length of ParaBlaster Tubing. This is the tubing that carries sand media...
Sink Adapter for Spray Hose
Sink Adapter Fitting for Connecting ParaBlaster Sprayer Hose to bathroom or...
Turbo 300 Spacer
Replacement spacer for Turbo 300 High Speed Handpiece.
Guide Bush for NSK Presto Handpiece
Guide Bush for NSK Oil Less Handpiece.
Replacement Blaster Gloves
Replacement Gloves for the ParaBlaster Sandblasting Cabinet
Turbo 300 Collet Tool
Collet Tool for Turbine 300 Handpiece.
Lubricator Bowl (Plastic Replacement)
Replacement bowl for lubricator.
Turbo 300 Rear Retaining Washer
Replacement rear retaining washer for Turbo 300 High Speed Handpiece.
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