Blown out Emu Eggshells for Engraving.
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Turkey Egg
Cleaned out Turkey Egg Shell ready for Carving.
Goose Eggs
Blown out Goose eggshells ready to engrave.
Knife - Smooth Blade for Engraving/Sandblasting
Smooth blade, drop point knife. Perfect for engraving and sandblasting. Made...
Book-Figure Carving
This book takes you from a line drawing to a 3 dimensional figure. Showing...
Ostrich Egg
Full Size Blown Out Ostrich Egg, ready to Carve.
Rhea Egg
Top Quality Blown Out Rhea Eggshells, Ready to be Carved or Engraved.
Egg Sculpting Kit
This Egg Kit contains 3 Goose Eggs, 6 Turkey Eggs(*OUT OF STOCK), 2 Small...
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Spring Rhea Egg Sculpting Kit
Complete Egg Carving Kit for carving and displaying Rhea Eggshells.
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