Compressors and Fittings

Rollaway Quiet Compressor Combo
Product ID : CC0111DV
Rollaway Quiet Compressor Combo - Quiet Case with Compressor, perfect for...
Rollaway Compressor Case (with fan and vent)
Product ID : BC0884-22
Rollaway Quiet Compressor Case Only with built in fan and vents for operating...
Filter/Regulator/Lubricator Unit
Product ID : FRL2000
Filter/Regulator/Lubricator for Oil type High Speed Handpieces.
Variable Speed Foot Control
Product ID : 6301
This is a Variable Speed Round Foot control disigned to run our Highspeed...
Compressor Hose
Product ID : CH2000
15' Compressor Hose for use with Profitable Hobbies Equipment.
Fittings-Female Q/C with 1/4" Barb
Product ID : 2042
Female Quick Connect for connecting compressor hose to Profitable Hobbies...
Fittings-Female Q/C with 1/4" Male Pipe Thread
Product ID : 2402
Profitable Hobbies Small Female Quick Connect with 1/4" Pipe Thread.
Fittings-Male Q/C with 1/4" Male Pipe Thread
Product ID : 24-2
1/4" Male Quick Connect for connecting air hoses and sources.
Fittings-Male Q/C with 1/8" Male Pipe Thread
Product ID : 22-2
1/8" Male Quick Connect for compressors.
Male Q/C Adapter (1/4" - Industry Std.)
Product ID : D2F2
Industrial Standard Male Plug - Quick Connect Fitting. One end is male quick...
Clear Tubing Sold in 5 ft. sections only)
Product ID : 510-1/8X1/4
Tubing for connecting Filter/Regulator/Lubricator to Engraving Handpiece. 5...