Bur Samplers

Bur Samplers
Bur samplers for an assortment of engraving bits. This is a great way to get a lot of different burs to try, then you can figure out which burs you like the best for your next order. Bur samplers are how most start out with high speed engraving.
Burr Sampler
Burr Sampler containing 12 Carbide and 12 Premium Diamond Burrs.
Ken Brown Bur Sampler
Carbide Bur Sampler - "Match-Head" Shaped Cutters - Recommended and Used by...
Jose Valencia Bur Sampler
Jose Valencia Bur Sampler This sampler is a hand picked collection of Jose's...
Basketweave Burr Sampler
This Burr Sampler is every burr needed to create the basketweave pattern by...
Burr Sampler -Stone Sampler
It's Back! Our original Stone Burr Sampler containing 10 Stone Burrs.
Fishscale Bur Sampler Set
This is a burr sampler for carving Fishscale by Joe Cummings. Includes all of...