Opportunity Intersection
Hot Deal
This is the 7 step path to marketing your artwork. Includes DVD's with each...
Book-The Wood Sculpturing of Darwin Dower
A beautifully illustrated personal tour through history. The struggles of...
The Art of Tamera Seevers (ebook)
The Art of Tamera Seevers - ebook on disc in PDF format.
Book- Complete Book of Gourd Carving
This authoritative and fully illustrated volume covers every tool and...
Book-Figure Carving
This book takes you from a line drawing to a 3 dimensional figure. Showing...
Book-Pictorial Carving
This book offers instructions mostly for scenery and the pictorial aspects of...
Turbo 300 Instruction Manual CD ROM
Turbo 300 Instruction Manual CD ROM
Book - Decorative Frames and Borders
396 Illustrations - includes all styles: Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo,...
Book-How To Carve Leather
This book has great examples of beveling and shadowing your work. This book...
Power Carving Manual (Best of WCI)
Big Game Pattern Book, The Wildwood Collection
20 Full Color Photos and Matching Black and White Patterns of some of...
571 Art Nouveau Motifs
A delightful array of usable designs from the popular Art Nouveau Period.
Book-Typographic Ornaments
Art Nouveau Patterns. Great designs for sandblasting or engraving glass,...