Opportunity Intersection
Hot Deal
Product ID : 978-1-61166-053-1
This is the 7 step path to marketing your artwork. Includes DVD's with each...
Book-The Wood Sculpturing of Darwin Dower
Product ID : 9754460-3-7
A beautifully illustrated personal tour through history. The struggles of...
The Art of Tamera Seevers (ebook)
Product ID : TS2055EB
The Art of Tamera Seevers - ebook on disc in PDF format.
Book- Complete Book of Gourd Carving
Product ID : 1-4027-0442-9
This authoritative and fully illustrated volume covers every tool and...
Book-Figure Carving
Product ID : 61951-00
This book takes you from a line drawing to a 3 dimensional figure. Showing...
Book-Pictorial Carving
Product ID : 61950-00
This book offers instructions mostly for scenery and the pictorial aspects of...
Turbo 300 Instruction Manual CD ROM
Product ID : PG5231MN
Turbo 300 Instruction Manual CD ROM
Book - Decorative Frames and Borders
Product ID : 22928-9
396 Illustrations - includes all styles: Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo,...
Book-How To Carve Leather
Product ID : 6047-00
This book has great examples of beveling and shadowing your work. This book...
Power Carving Manual (Best of WCI)
Product ID : 4505Power Carving
Big Game Pattern Book, The Wildwood Collection
Product ID : KT0313WC
20 Full Color Photos and Matching Black and White Patterns of some of...
571 Art Nouveau Motifs
Product ID : 486995194ANM
A delightful array of usable designs from the popular Art Nouveau Period.