Power Carving Bits / Burs / Cutters

Burr Sampler
Burr Sampler containing 12 Carbide and 12 Premium Diamond Burrs.
Ken Brown Bur Sampler
Carbide Bur Sampler - "Match-Head" Shaped Cutters - Recommended and Used by...
Jose Valencia Bur Sampler
Jose Valencia Bur Sampler This sampler is a hand picked collection of Jose's...
Round Cutter Sampler (3/32")
Tungsten Vanadium Round Cutter Assortment - 3/32" Shank -
Basketweave Burr Sampler
This Burr Sampler is every burr needed to create the basketweave pattern by...
Burr Sampler -Stone Sampler
It's Back! Our original Stone Burr Sampler containing 10 Stone Burrs.
Fishscale Bur Sampler Set
This is a burr sampler for carving Fishscale by Joe Cummings. Includes all of...
Carbide Cutter (Large Round)
Large Round Carbide Cutter for Wood Carving and Power Carving applications.
Large Blunt Tip Diamond
Large Blunt Tip Diamond Cutter
Reducer Chuck - 1/8" to 1/16" - Chuck Reducer
Reducing Collet - Reduces from 1/8" to 1/16" - Allows you to use high speed,...
Reducing Chuck - 1/8" to 3/32" Chuck Reducer
Reducing Chuck - 1/8" to 3/32" Reducer - Metal construction
Green Stone Set of 10 (3/32")
Set of 10 Green Silicon Carbide Burs including rounds, flat end tapers,...
Square Cross Cut Bur Set (3/32")
Tungsten Vanadium Square Cross-Cut Bur Set - 3/32" Shank Cutters
White Stone Bur Set of 6 (3/32")
White Stone Bur Set of 6 (3/32" Shank)
909 Diamond (3/32)
3/32" - 909 Diamond Wheel Bur
Power Carving Bits - also known as burs for high speed engraving.

High speed burs are friction grip cutters, 1/16" shank designed for use in all high speed engraving handpieces.

Cutters are available in diamond, carbide, green stones, and white stones.

Profitable Hobbies carries Premium Quality Cutters for Professional Engravers and Carvers.